Penn State Three Day Camp

I have been to so many schools, I can’t believe I waited so long to go to Penn State’s camp! It was a very long and hard camp but I loved it! What an amazing campus and everyone was so nice! I was so tired coming off of a tournament weekend of five games where my VA Metro team won the championship, but it was definitely worth it!

I always love playing with the current recruits because it gives me a chance to challenge myself and gauge where I am. I was proud to be selected as an All-Star because it shows my hard work pays off.  I made a quick 30 second highlight video from the All-Star game showing my draw control from the circle and knocking down a feed inside the 8 meter. The video also showcases my speed transitioning to defense and then back to offense again. You can see me leap to knock down the feed at the end of the video. If I was a split-second slower racing down the field the other team would have scored from the feed.

Alexa Romero Penn State Lacrosse

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