Clinics & Camps

I try to attend as many clinics & camps as I can. I like to see the different schools but I also like to see how different coaches coach. Plus it gives me the opportunity to be coached by the guest coaches from schools I haven’t had the chance to visit.

Some of the clinics & camps I’ve attended.

George Mason
George Washington
High Point
James Madison
Penn State
Univ. of Southern California
Univ. of Maryland
Virginia Tech
Washington & Lee
William & Mary

Virginia Tech Summer Camp (7/28/2019) - This was my second time attending a camp at Virginia Tech. Unfortunately my hip flexor injury didn’t allow me to participate in much of camp. I still had fun and learned a lot and got to know the coaching staff a little better. I saw on the schedule something called Glow Lax. I had no …
Georgetown Hoyas Lax Camp (7/19/2019) - I live only a few miles from Georgetown but this was the first time I had a chance to go to one of their camps. Unfortunately I injured my hip flexor the previous weekend so wasn’t able to participate in much of camp. The coaching staff and player coaches did a great job. Coach Fried …
Penn State Three Day Camp (7/11/2019) - I have been to so many schools, I can’t believe I waited so long to go to Penn State’s camp! It was a very long and hard camp but I loved it! What an amazing campus and everyone was so nice! I was so tired coming off of a tournament weekend of five games where …
Lehigh Summer Lacrosse Camp (6/24/2019) - Lehigh is a great school in Bethlehem, PA. A family friend and fellow Saxon plays basketball for Lehigh so I was really excited to see the campus, meet their coaches, and play against some of the best talent from Pennsylvania. The weather was absolutely perfect and my attack game was on point! I scored more …
William & Mary Summer Clinic (6/17/2019) - My first trip to W&M got snowed out over this past Christmas. I was very happy to be back in Williamsburg and enjoying a great camp with so many of my friends and teammates.
George Washington Winter Camp (2/17/2019) - This was my first time being on the GW Lacrosse field and I had a great time. Like the Virginia Tech camp, GW scrimmages full-field which I really like. The camp was coached by the GW Women’s Lacrosse team with pointers from Head Coach Tracy Coyne and the other coaches.
University of Maryland Winter Clinic (2/10/2019) - The coolest thing about the Maryland Winter Clinic is that all the Maryland players are coaching us. I was with Grace Griffin most of the day. She has a  long list of all-American titles.
Alexa Romero Lacrosse Draw clinic GMU George Mason Winter Shooting & Draw Clinics (2/7/2019) - I attended two different clinics at George Mason this Winter. One was specifically a shooting clinic and the other was specifically a draw clinic. George Mason’s camps are great because they aren’t packed with hundreds of kids and the coaches spend a lot of quality time with us. I got a lot of quality one …
Virginia Tech Winter Camp Jan. 2019 (1/16/2019) - Virginia Tech has such a great academic reputation and sports track record. My favorite thing about the camp was that we got to play full field. None of our summer or fall tournaments are played on a full field so it was great to be able to really run again! I also got to take …
Villanova 2018 Winter Camp (12/27/2018) - This was a really fun two day camp! We got so much playing time and had really fun drills. There were a lot of commits there from Villanova but also from other schools so the competition was really good.
Snowed Out W&M Winter Camp 2018 (12/10/2018) - Unfortunately the William & Mary camp got snowed out. We only got to play for a couple of hours before the Coaches cancelled due to the dangerous conditions.
USC Lacrosse Camp Alexa Romero USC Lacrosse Camp (8/28/2016) - I went with my sister Ava to visit the University of Southern California. We had a great time both on and off campus.
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