Recruited Team Players

I’ve been very lucky to play lacrosse at a very high level for more than 10 years. As a result many players who I’ve played with at either the youth, high school or club level now play or have been recruited to play in college. I was to young to play on the team with the ’15, ’16, or ’17 Langley graduates but I did get to watch them play.

Halle Duenkel, James Madison Univ., (Langley ’16)

Langley Saxon teammates who play in college or have been recruited.

Julia Byrne, Virginia Tech (Langley ’15)
Halle Duenkel, James Madison (Langley ’16)
Morgan Kuligowski, Univ. of Southern California (Langley ’16)
Emma Crooks, Virginia Tech (Langley ’17)
Anna Hofgard, UC Davis (Langley ’17)
Marina Smith, UC Berkley, (Langley ’17)
Megan O’Hara, Hamilton, DIII (Langley ’17)
MacKenzie Regen, Christopher Newport, DIII (Langley ’17)
Sareena Dhillon, William & Mary (Langley ’18)
Lilly Byrne, James Madison (Langley ’18)
Brooke Balducci, Marymount Univ, DIII (Langley ’18)
Charlotte Smith, James Madison (Langley ’19*)
London Simonides, William & Mary (Langley ’19)
Caroline Bean, Univ. of Michigan (Langley ’20)
Courtney Kuligowski, Univ. of Southern California (Langley ’20)

Virginia Metro teammates who have been recruited.

Annie Newton, Navy (VA Metro ’20)
Gina D’Angelo, Elon (VA Metro ’20)
Hanna Deringer, UC Berkeley (VA Metro ’20)
Lily Rathbun, Furman (VA Metro ’20)
“LJ” Magruder, Columbia University (VA Metro ’20)

There are many VA Metro ’20 teammates who are finalizing their recruiting choices. Click here for an updated list: VA Metro college recruits.

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